When I first heard Arrow, I thought he was incredible and amazing at what he does. He is the most consistent artist/DJ i've ever worked with. I'm glad he agreed to join our team.”

— PaulStar


Jason Swallow, born on September 18, 1993, known professionally as Arrow, is an electronic musician, DJ, who specialized in audio programming, remixing and record producing. Arrow is from Quebec, Canada, in a small Cree first nations people reservation called Mistissini, which translates into Big Rock. At the age of 17, Arrow began posting his remixes on social media, and electronic music forums, which 2 years later led to his first featured album, N’we Jinan – Eeyou Istchee volume 1. The album would be in the top of the Hip-Hop category, and number 8 over all in Canada of the year 2014. He has also scored/produced music in film projects that was viewed nation wide in Canada. He is currently signed to a new label called PaulStar Entertainment, he has released a couple tracks and plans to release more music soon. 

For booking/features, please feel free to contact him at arrow_music@outlook.com

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