Audio/Visual Services

Please Note: Samples of the work will be added soon. Thanks for visiting this section!


Recording: $35/hour (due to covid-19, we're not allowed to bring many clients in)
Mixing: $35/hour 
Vocal/instrument pitch correction: No charge
Mastering: $40/song or $400 per album 
Beat production: $25 lease and up to $300-$1000 exclusive


Video (shooting, lighting): $250 per project
Video editing: $250 per project
Video+editing: $400 ($100 off)
Photography: $75 per session

Things you need to know before sending your tracks:

For mixing: Please provide us with the highest quality tracks with no effects on them, you can do that by bypassing the effects you used. 
How many tracks? 12? 24? 48? no problem. Please make sure they are all properly formated:

For mixing: Please set it at 44.1khz or 48, and 24 bit
Mastering engineers like ourselves use 44.1khz and 16-bit

Need vocal/instrument pitch correction?, we have both Autotune and Melodyne studio. If your instrument is severely out of tune, we can't tune it or can we?

Beats: we do customs in any style, whether it's trap, pop, rock, blues, jazz, or anything in between. We got you covered. Please book us today by filling out the form below.