Indigenous Alt-Pop Contemporary Rocker & Award-Nominated Producer PaulStar Pauses “One Last Time” in New Single Ahead of Forthcoming Debut EP 

Ottawa, ON — September 4, 2020 — Award-nominated alt-pop / contemporary rocker and producer PaulStar explores long-held and unexpressed grief “One Last Time” in this, his new single — available now.  

“This is the very first song I worked on in the Fall last year, and I finished it that winter,” he recalls of “One Last Time.” “It’s about losing a loved one. 

“It took me a few years to grieve for my grandfather. I had no words to express that grief in a song until that Fall. From there, I included the others I’ve lost as well.”  

A preview of his forthcoming Fall 2020 album, Find Myself, “One Last Time” and the album mark a step into a new realm for PaulStar — Paul Napash. Nominated for an International Indigenous Hip-Hop Award for Best Producer & Beatmaker, the engineer, producer, and composer helms the record label, PaulStar Entertainment, and has released a series of critically acclaimed singles; that said, Find Myself officially puts Napash on the other side of the desk or stage being the debut EP for his own music.  

A member of the Eeyou istchee community, and born and raised in Chisasibi, Quebec, the multi-disciplined Cree artist says he “bathed in music from infancy” thanks to his uncle’s weekly band rehearsals. “I quickly got into how music can act as a unifier within a community. I picked up a guitar at age nine, and realized there’d be no returning on this musical journey. 

“I’m trying to go for something that represents the world as I live it, while sharing the best things in the world for me as I sense them,” he adds. “I’m proud of the way I’ve come, but there’s still a lot to accomplish.” 

“One Last Time” is available now. Find Myself is available October 2, 2020.

CJAY GRiZ's new upcoming single "Floating" drops July 10th, 2020. 

CJAY GRiZ's upcoming single titled "Floating" is set for release on July 10th, 2020. The song talks about being bullied at school, being different than his whole class, talks about how people make money in the rez and uses humor to talk about these subjects. The track itself has that modern hip hop, melodic trap 808 sound, produced by himself. "He is a very talented young man, I'm happy I get to work with him," says Paul Napash (aka PaulStar). He plans to release more music soon.

Go check it out when it drops. It will be available on all digital/streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, amongst many others. 

You can also check out his latest music on Spotify:

Money-1's 3rd single titled "Life of Mine" drops July 3rd, 2020. 

Money-1's 3rd single is set to release on July 3rd, 2020. The song talks about struggles and depression, his style reflects on who he is as an artist. His lyrical writing style blends with Cree and English. The song was produced by nominated producer Paul Napash (PaulStar), a founder of PaulStar Entertainment. He is pursuing his education and his dream at the same time. So he works on music every chance he gets by accommodating his school schedule. Go check out his other music when you get a chance. 

You can check out his music on Spotify:


Silas Katapatuk, aka Slice, is releasing his debut Hip-Hop album titled "Rise" and it will be available on all the major platforms, on the National Indigenous People's Day, June 21st, 2019. This project was exclusively produced by Paul Napash (PaulStar), his CEO from PaulStar Entertainment. While producing this killer sounding album, Paul used guitars on some tracks, and most tracks were combined with an 808 sub-bass and electric bass. The collaboration features were CJAY GRiZ, Vizible, PaulStar, and Shibastik. These tracks sound like from old school vibe, trap, to pop, and everything in between. Check it out whenever you can. 


Jonas Decoursay aka "Algonking" is a Hip-hop artist, hailing from the Algonquin community Rapid Lake located in Quebec (near Val d'Or). He will be releasing his new single "Faded and Gone" and it will be available on June 21st, 2019 (National Indigenous People's Day), it has an Old School Hip Hop vibe to it. He is currently signed to PaulStar Entertainment. 


PaulStar's new upcoming single "My Life"

PaulStar is a multi-talented artist, musician, songwriter, producer and certified, who is running his own record label called PaulStar Entertainment. He will be releasing his new single "My Life" and will be available in stores/streaming sites on June 7th, 2019. The back story of this song is that it's all about having fun when we were a teenager, and we don't know what will happen next. As we reach adulthood, we have many obligations and responsibilities to have a job to survive, pay rent and bills, but at some time in life, we all struggle. This song is also about trying to make it in the music industry, it's even harder for new artists to break in the music business, with little to no fans. Because music plays a big role in my life and I will keep pursuing my path to success. 

- PaulStar

Immediate Release 

PaulStar- Be The One will be available on all the major digital outlets around the world. This track is very therapeutic and has the emotional impact. The artist and producer "PaulStar" produced, arranged, and written this song within a day. He hopes to release more singles while promoting his new label "PaulStar Entertainment".