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Born and raised in Chisasibi, Qc, Paul is a proud member of the Eeyou istchee community. Bathed in music from infancy in his uncle’s band’s weekly rehearsals, he quickly got into how music can act as a unifier within a community. At age 9, as he picked up the guitar, and learnt the songs from local legends KASHTIN - And there would be no returning on this musical journey.


Now, music has become a truly complete path for Paul, who now has completed the Music industry arts program at the Algonquin College, in Ottawa. “This program has really helped me understanding the inner works of the industry, and my true value as a producer and composer”, says Napash, who has since worked with a number of indigenous artists, as well as non-indigenous, on top of building his own record label, PaulStar Entertainment.


Producing here and songwriting there, Napash is one of those rare hybrids of the music industry, one that has both his own, true, identifiable artistic voice, as well as being able to become a chameleon whenever he’s producing beats for other artists.


One such artist was K.A.S.P., who would go on to create “FIST IN THE AIR” (Feat. Mike Bone), a song paying homage to the missing & murdered indigenous women (MMIW). Paul had produced the beat back in 2016, and as all good things, it takes a certain time to go from an idea of a song to a finished product - But it’s fair to assume at this point, now that the song has gained significant traction on radio charts, and that Paul is nominated for Best Producer & Beatmaker at the International Indigenous Hip-Hop Awards show.


It’s around 2019 that Paul comes full circle about his label, and various projects. With the growth that PaulStar Entertainment is showing, as the releases are multiplying for 2020, and a new team, Paul is now looking at a bright future releasing his own self debut EP, “FIND MYSELF”, due fall 2020.


“I’m trying to go for something that represents the world as I live it, while sharing the best things in the world for me as I sense them”, says Napash, as he’s also producing countryman Rob Webb’s debut ep, also due late 2020.


“I’m proud of the way I’ve come”, says Napash as he’s heading into a business meeting regarding future projects, and the growth of PaulStar entertainment. Education used to be something Napash considered a challenge, and rightfully so when anyone is forced to learn in a different language than their own, but like many, he found a way to make music his solution and his path.


“But there’s still a lot to accomplish!”, he says with a smile.

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