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Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution

E-mail me directly to talk music business.

E-mail me directly to talk music business.

PaulStar Entertainment is a new startup label distributed by Symphonic Distribution. We accept all genres. We sign artists, songwriters, lyricists, and producers.

PaulStar Entertainment offers:

Production & beats

- Distribution

- Collaboration features

- Marketing (shout outs, PaulStar Ent's social posts or official website, mentions, hashtags, blog posts,etc.), because we don't have big budgets to run ad campaigns yet, instead, we ask our artists to use content marketing methods by sharing their releases on social media.)

- Artist Presskits (See artists on the menu)

If you are interested in being part of our team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the contact form. 

Paul Napash (PaulStar)
Founder and Artist of PaulStar Entertainment

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