PaulStar Entertainment first formed when Paul Napash signed a deal with Symphonic Distribution at the end of 2017. This is a diverse label that doesn't focus on solely one or two genres, but it is open to all styles. PaulStar is a multi-talented artist, musician, songwriter, nominated for best producer/beat maker and certified engineer, who is a Music Industry Arts graduate at Algonquin College. His knowledge and experience play a big role in this planning of his label and management company.

Having the connections and networks in the music biz can go a long way. Thanks to the internet. 

I hope you check out our music to get an idea of what we do. Thanks for reading!

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New* Paul Napash, CEO of PaulStar Entertainment teamed up with his business partner Sebastien B. Henalt to build a strategic media company "DMG", it's in the financing stages. Sebastien is now Paul's music publisher and manager. 

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- PaulStar